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Allow multiple users to connect through the same wireless network. In a fraction of seconds without any configurations, connections can be made through the router or a hotspot 

Any good solution should be built starting with the proper foundation to allow for strong Wifi signal throughout the house and allow you to maximize the speeds that you are paying for

Multiple devices can access the Internet from a single source. That means computers, tablets, smartphones and TVs can all connect independently to the Internet at the same time. 

Want to stream faster and eliminate dead zones? Let us set up your whole home with faster WiFi coverage.

We understand that no two homes are the same. That’s why we'll recommend the best solution for your needs, before installing, configuring, and securing your wireless network.

We recommend installing a whole-home mesh WiFi system to increase your home's WiFi coverage and support all of your smart devices and streaming needs.

Service Includes:

✓ Set up your router to maximize performance and optimize security

✓ Optimize the placement of your router while weighing performance and convenience

✓ Set up a unique network name and Wi-Fi password to protect your personal data

✓ Customize advanced settings, like parental controls and guest networks

✓ Connect all your wireless devices to your new Wi-Fi network

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