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Manage Access to Your Facility

Feel Confident Knowing That Your Doors are Secure


We Supply and Install Custom Access Control Systems for Businesses in Canada

Why Use Access Control?

We provide boutique service for your facility, integrating world class, scalable, convenient video surveillance solutions with security and access control from our world class vendor partners.

Unique User Codes & Permissions

You can manage staff members, temporary staff, or subcontractors with customizable user codes that communicate their authorized level of access to the system. Customize your system to provide access through key cards, access codes, or both, to reflect your unique needs.

Multi-Site Management

Manage and control access levels for multiple sites, and multiple access levels, from one easy-to-use interface. Manage your entire workforces’ access controls at the touch of a button, from wherever you are.

Remote Real-Time Control

It is not necessary to be on-site to manage the operations of a facility with Access Control. Changes can be made to permissions, users can be added or removed, and access granted to visitors on the fly with cloud technology.

Controlled Access Rules

Access management systems follow user-configured rules that will guide oversight and alert management when an immediate event response is required. Any activity that is considered imminently detrimental to your business will be identified by the system and a notification issued.

Tracking & Reporting (Audit)

Access systems actively track and record facility activity to help the management team assess daily operations and work to improve efficiency. Detailed activity reports provide valuable insights to help uncover inefficiencies and challenges to the business that need to be addressed.

Location & Departmental Administration

Locations and the departments within each can be arranged to designate each user’s distinct level of administrative control. Management can be streamlined and delegated to improve operational control across locations.

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