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6 tips for Creating the Perfect Video Conferencing Room

1. Consider what the space is being used for

Not all spaces for meetings are made equal. There are several video conference rooms available, with options for all sizes and price ranges. Less is more in this case: huddle rooms work better for short meetings with less than five people than immersive rooms with three displays, despite their posh appearance.

2. Audio is important in a video conferencing room

In conference rooms, audio is sometimes disregarded, but this is a mistake. If you can't hear someone speaking, what good is it to see them? Furthermore, if you are unable to comprehend what someone is saying, what good is it to listen to them speak? Getting the greatest audio for a meeting is crucial, therefore it should be properly prepared. A clear, high-quality audio stream is essential. If mics are required, think about whether they would look better hanging from the ceiling or on the table to lessen clutter.

3. How you’re going to communicate: through Skype for Business (S4B), Cisco or Involve cloud

As you select a video conferencing platform, you need to take into account the person you are video contacting. For instance, since S4B is an excellent platform for cooperation, this would be the clear choice if your clients or staff utilize it. S4B users can only video call other S4B users, therefore the platform won't be as useful if you want to invite those who don't use S4B. Because Involve Cloud is completely integrated with S4B, users may use it to video contact other S4B users. Additionally, because the service is hosted on the N3 network, users can use it to video call people who work for the Ministry of Justice or the NHS. Cisco needs to be taken into account as well because they provide a wide range of alternatives, including multi-party and cloud conferencing.

4. Sharing content is key to collaboration

Barro ClickShare works well for content sharing. To get content from your device to appear instantly on the main screen, simply plug the ClickShare into any device and push the button. Sharing presentations or whatever else you're working on with the others in the room is ideal with this. Because Microsoft Skype for Business is completely integrated with Microsoft Office, you may use it to display what you're working on during a video conversation.

5. Get a meeting room booking solution

Setting up a meeting might be difficult: when is everyone available? Will the room be available? A mechanism for booking rooms prevents this issue. They allow you to schedule meetings in advance or on-the-spot, and because they are Outlook-integrated, you can use them to organize meetings with the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time. In order to prevent individuals from peeking through the door to check when the room is available, a room booking solution also includes a display with the meeting details outside the room.

6. Have a good Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place

Even with flawless technological solutions, issues might nevertheless arise from time to time. It's useless to have a fantastic video conference room if you can't use it because of a malfunctioning component, therefore having a strong SLA is essential. Involve has a countrywide network of certified engineers and a technical helpdesk located in the United Kingdom that are available to provide knowledgeable guidance and support when needed.

For more details, please contact or visit Canadian Smart Systems.

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