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Best smart home devices for pet owners

We’ve all had times at work when we wonder what our pet is up to and if they’re alright. As a pet owner, your pet’s happiness and safety are top priorities. Sometimes, thinking about them can cause a bit of stress. What if something bad happens at home while they’re alone? Although you can’t be with your favorite little friend all the time, you can still make sure they’re safe and comfortable by making your home smarter. Here are a few of the best devices for all of you pet owners out there.


There’s a smart sensor for almost everything these days. From temperature monitors to door sensors, there are plenty of ways these devices can lower your stress when it comes to leaving your pet at home.

No more worrying that your pet might be too hot at home while you’re out and about— you’ve got temperature monitors for that. Get an alert each time your dog goes in and out of the house with a doggy door sensor. And if there’s carbon monoxide or smoke at home, you’ll receive an alert immediately so you can take care of the problem. These kinds of sensors can help you protect your pet at all times, whether or not you’re at home with them.


If your furry friend is one that frequently escapes from the house or yard to roam the neighborhood, a smart collar could be a game-changer. Most contain real-time GPS tracking, so you can see their exact location at all times. You can set up a “smart fence” for your pet and when they leave the house or the yard around your home, you’ll receive a notification.

On top of that, smart collars can track your pet’s activity and health, so you’ll always be able to tell when they’ve gotten enough exercise and keep them in tip-top shape.


Nobody likes being too hot or too cold while they’re at home all day and neither does your pet. A smart thermostat can keep your home at a comfortable temperature, regardless of where you might be.

You can check and change the temperature right from your phone while you’re at work or out with friends so your pet doesn’t overheat or freeze.


Having cameras in your home is smart for obvious reasons. You can see everything that goes on at all times from your computer or phone, which is perfect for any pet owner that wonders if their little buddy sleeps all day, strolls through the house, or makes messes while they’re gone.

They can also play a huge role in your pet’s safety. If someone breaks into your house, you want to keep an eye on both the intruder and your pet while you call the police.

Smart homes are more than just cool. These devices have been created to help us— and our pets— so it’s a good idea to take advantage of everything they have to offer.

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