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How is different? is engineered to be more reliable than other systems. systems employ a dedicated, secure cellular connection as opposed to other systems that share a phone or cable line to deliver dependable and uninterrupted service for your vital security alerts. Also, this implies that there aren't any exposed phone or cable lines outside your home that may be severed and harm your system.

Even if the Internet or broadband is down or the power goes out, your system will still be able to communicate.

Because to our Crash and Smash Protection, still alerts the police if your panel is tampered with or damaged.

Proactive safeguards do more to help you stay safe.

In the event of an emergency, we are prepared. can automatically turn off the heat or air conditioning to stop the flow of hazardous gases and send a signal to emergency services if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

How? makes it simple to create rules that your house will follow automatically in an emergency to keep you safe. Key household appliances, including carbon monoxide, smoke, and heating and cooling detectors, are wirelessly connected to the security panel by

Alerts and notifications work for you 24/7 – even when your system is disarmed.

Whether or whether your system is armed,'s Always-On Technology keeps you informed of any behaviour you care about. As a result, you may receive text or email warnings if a door, window, liquor or medicine cabinet, the system, or even the thermostat, is opened. You may decide how many or how few alerts to receive.

Even if you forget, it remembers.

You can receive reminders if the garage door isn't closed by 10 p.m. or if you leave the house without arming the system thanks to flexible and simple to configure custom rules and alerts. When the system recognises that you've left the house or depending on the time of day, create reminders.

Customizable solutions grow with you over time. provides a wide range of services to enhance your house. You may update your home to a smart home at any moment with video surveillance, energy management, and home automation. easily links all of your devices as you add more to your system, enabling them to cooperate and function more effectively. A fully networked house might be constructed right away or over time. You won't get left behind with

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