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Why a Video Doorbell is the easiest, safest, (and coolest) addition to your home.

We live in the era of – At Your Door – home delivery convenience, which could not be more relevant at this time of social distancing and home sequestering due to Covid-19. Since we have all been told to avoid or limit the amount of social interaction we have with each other, home delivery is a logical way to keep your family protected as it removes the need to leave your house.

However, this also brings strangers right to your front door, so how do you keep yourself safe?

Smart home security technology is more relevant than ever as it provides automated perimeter monitoring that limits personal exposure. A key piece of this security technology is the interactive video doorbell. video doorbells help you maintain distance from visitors while still communicating with them, and you will always be alerted when someone approaches your home. A video doorbell will detect activity, notify you, and allow you to remotely communicate with your visitors – all without the need for personal contact.

The new HD video doorbell features a 150 degree field of view, low temperature operation, two way audio, and advanced analytics.

6 Benefits of Video Doorbell Security

Security Presence

A video doorbell – like the presence of any security camera – is an immediate deterrent to would-be intruders. Video doorbells are especially effective in providing security with motion activation recording and two-way voice communication.

Video Analytics

Not only does an video doorbell allow you to view and monitor your front entryway, but it uses advanced analytics to determine just what exactly the camera is seeing allowing it to distinguish between a person, a vehicle, an animal, and the wind/rain. This allows for a touchless ring option, that automatically sends a notification when the camera detects a person in the field of view. These advanced analytics also significantly reduce the instances of false alarms and triggers to allow a more seamless experience.

Screen Visitors

Video doorbells act as a secure barrier of protection that also keeps you connected. Any time someone arrives at your property you will be alerted on your phone with a live video feed. Whether you’re home or away, video doorbell technology provides valuable perimeter security.

Capture, Record & Store video doorbells record and archive all the activity that occurs. They record upon motion, upload securely, and store all activity in the cloud so that you will always have a record for reference when required.

Remote Presence

A video doorbell allows you to maintain a virtual presence at your home when you’re not there. No matter where in the world you may be, a video doorbell allows you to view and communicate with intentional visitors or trespassers to your property.

Home Insurance

Like most home security devices, the added protection of video doorbells are beneficial in lowering insurance costs. Video doorbells capture and record suspicious activity and allow you to instantly react to a situation before a potential breach can occur.

Video doorbells are the most feature-rich and cost-effective home security camera technology available for homeowners. video doorbells feature industry-leading technology to keep your family connected and protected with:

Full HD Video | Motion Sensor | Live Video Monitoring | Video Recording | Multiple Users | 2-Way Communication | Color Night Vision | Activity History | Quiet Mode | Snap Photos | Resistant to the Elements | Android & iOS compatible.

It’s more important than ever to not only keep ourselves safe, but look out for others. Video doorbells make communities safer, and can also help you look out for family or friends who live alone, are elderly or require assistance. You can remotely monitor and control the activity to their premises to ensure their safety.

We are committed to keeping us all connected and protected through innovative technology. Security is not only about protection against burglary, comprehensive safety requires security planning that addresses all areas of potential risk.

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