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Why is a new security system the coolest home addition in 2023?

You’re probably familiar with home security systems.

A poorly chosen, or installed system may be what you’re thinking of, and is the little beeping panel that, at best, makes incessant noise, and at worst, calls the police to your home when you forget your four digit code, or fail to drop your groceries fast enough to make it to your panel.

And you would be correct, 15 years ago. However modern security systems have evolved with the times and now offer functionality, design, and convenience, allowing you to control everything from lights, to locks, to cameras, in one simple package. So why do you need to rush out and grab one?

They’re capable of controlling your entire home.

In terms of multi-tasking, security systems are heavyweights. In addition to their job (protecting your family and property), modern security systems are also the most convenient way to jump into the “Smart Home” game.

That’s right, through interactive apps such as, home security panels like the Qolsys IQ2 can act as a central controller for a whole suite of smart automated devices.

What devices? The sky is the limit. Classics include lights, locks, door controls, garage doors, drapes, and with smart outlets anything that you can plug in. These can be programmed to work in tandem, so at the click of a button, you can turn your lights on, open your curtains, and play your favorite “Wake up, you’re already 5 minutes late to get ready” song. With these chains of automations, the sky is the limit.

Or maybe you’re completely off the deep-end and you’d like a Smart Toaster?* *SecurU does not retain responsibility for the purchase of any smart toasters or similiarly ridiculous automated devices

Porkfolio is a Smart Piggy bank that connects to your smartphone and keeps track of goals, and somehow makes even the smart toaster seem reasonable.

They’re Pretty Slick Looking

Somewhere along the way, designers figured out that if you want people to hang things in their home, you should probably make them not an eyesore.

Modern systems typically feature low profiles, touchscreens, and colour varieties to match whatever your decor situation is.

Some even have rotating photo features that allow for your pictures to display when not in use.

Combine with cameras or a video doorbell to keep an eye on your space.

Want to prevent the neighbors from stealing your amazon shipments? Watch what your weird little cat gets up to when it’s alone? Tell the takeout guy to leave the food at the door because you’re not ready to face another person?

Video doorbell, and camera systems can be integrated with your home alarm system to do all this, and more (like actually protecting you from danger). You can set your cameras to capture when your furry friend starts acting up, or answer your doorbell from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

Modern security systems don’t just protect you home, they make sure you never miss another delivery, always know which of your dogs ripped up the couch, and if your partner is actually the one who ate your last oreos. And if you tell your mom you got one, maybe she will stop calling about how dangerous your neighorborhood is?*

*This is wishful thinking

Want to get started with a security system or smart home automation? Ask a question, or get a free quote by clicking below:

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