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Home Cinema

House entertainment audio-visual systems that are put up in a room or the backyard of a private home and attempt to replicate the feel and ambience of a movie theatre utilizing consumer electronics-grade video and audio equipment

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Whether you watch TV or movies in your living room or in a dedicated room in your basement, we can create an immersive surround sound system fit for any movie enthusiast.

Enjoy your favorite shows or movies with highest video and sound quality available in the market. Equip your customized theatre with your home's control system for ultimate luxury and convenience.

Provides an entertainment option suitable for watching TV and movies at home with a little extra excitement.

  • Automatically lock your home’s front and rear doors when a movie begins

  • When you press play, dim the lights gradually over 7 seconds

  • When you press pause, bring the lights up by 30%

  • With the press of a button, the TV turns on, a surround-sound system activates and is adjusted the correct input, the shades close, and the lights dim

  • Have every TV in your home automatically turn on to your favorite channel when you come home from work after disarming the alarm

  • Set the volume of a child’s TV to a preset level

  • A “Good Night” scene, which provides a push notification on your kids’ iPad to turn off their TVs. The lights in each bedroom flash as a warning, and 10 minutes later, the TVs switch off automatically

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