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See and do more at your front door

See and do more at your front door As you progress through the new year, keep up with your resolutions and let us help you keep your home secure. With a Video Doorbell from Canadian Smart Systems, it’s easy to know when your kids come home, your packages arrive, and how your friendly front-yard snowman is doing. Our Video Doorbells can quickly detect and identify people, animals, or vehicles to reduce unnecessary alerts when there’s increased activity at your front, side, or back doors. It’s easy to pair your video doorbell with smart lights connected to your smart home security system to increase visibility when a person is detected at your door—even with reduced daylight hours in the cooler winter months. Add a Doorbell Camera See who's at the door: Detect visitors, house cleaners, gardeners, and others when they approach your door. Communicate with them from the mobile app even when you can’t be there, and let them in when you pair your video doorbell with a smart lock. Keep tabs on your kids: Be alerted when your kids get home from school and avoid unapproved house guests when you're at work. Manage package deliveries: Talk to delivery personnel and let them know where to put your packages to keep them out of view from the sidewalk. Video| Doorbell Camera | Thermostat| Lights| Locks| Connected Car | Flex IO Email Us | Call Us: 647-931-2277 Connect with us

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