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Lighting Control

Smart Lighting
Smart lighting allows you to remotely control your lights, turn them on or off, dim them, brighten them or change their colors. You can also create schedules to turn your lights on at certain times, including when your smart door lock is unlocked as you arrive home.

Smart Thermostat
A smart thermostat is a thermostat that you can control via your smartphone. These devices provide you with the convenience of controlling them anywhere in the world

Smart Water/Flood Sensor
Avoid samages to your home . Receive an alert when wat

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Have the ability to select pre-configured lighting scenes. With just the push of a button, you can select a lighting scene perfect for the task at hand.

  • One button press turns on all lighting for a given room or floor, not just one light

  • Double-tap the same button to turn everything (lighting, electronics, devices, etc.) in the room off

  • Flash the lights in your office when someone rings the doorbell

  • Turn on the outdoor lights and the lights in the mud room when then garage door opens after dark

  • Have the lights turn on or off based on occupancy – great for washrooms, hallways and walk-in closets

  • Outdoor lighting can turn on automatically at sunset and off again at sunrise

  • Set a “Bedtime” scene that will set the bedside lamps at a level just right for comfortable reading

  • Turn off all the lights in your home with the touch of a button

  • Landscape lighting – have the lights come on brighter at sunset, and then dim to 20% at 11pm to conserve energy

  • Flash outdoor lights in case of a burglar or fire alarm

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