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Should I install my own security system?

The market is full of “DIY” kits for security systems, and video cameras.

They often boast significantly lower prices than installed and monitored systems, and are available conveniently through retailers like amazon, and walmart. They seem like a perfect solution for small residences, and budget conscious consumers because of their convenience and low cost, however the drawbacks on these systems can add up, leaving you paying more, for less protection. Cutting corners with a DIY system can, at best, cause you significantly more headaches than a traditionally installed system, and at worst leave you vulnerable to intrusion.

Those who decide to buy and install their own systems may find themselves struggling for a number of reasons, including:

By self-installing, you may not have the right solution.

One of the benefits of working with a recognized security provider is receiving the assessment of your property to accurately determine what system will work best for you. A trained professional can assess your entryways, angles, and space to develop a personalized system. Determining best placement of cameras, motion sensors, glass break sensors, panels, and any of the other dozens of items you can have at your disposal with a professional company is an art even for trained professionals, and this isn’t an area that you want to leave to chance.

Self-Installation can be a difficult, DIY nightmare.

If you want to renovate your kitchen, do you call a contractor, or take out a sledgehammer?

Some may be able to just pick up a hammer and go, but for a vast number of us, we leave it to the professionals. Security systems often need to be wired, and camera placements can often involve removing trim, cutting, and wiring.

If you are taking it upon yourself to protect your business or home, you owe it to yourself to ensure it is done correctly. A camera with poor reception, a bad angle, or missed entry point can make your entire set-up fail.

1 in 3 homes without a security system will be burgled, compared to 1 in 250 homes with a security system.

A security protected home is only protected if it is installed, and set up properly

You may not be protected with a warranty

When you purchase and install your own cameras or security system, the system itself may not even come with a warranty. The systems that do, will likely have a defect warranty that protects you against faulty equipment. Unfortunately, the system will not not have a warranty against improper installation, wiring, or any other mistake that you may make during installation.

When you go with a professional, you are guaranteed by not only the manufacturer of the product, but by the company who installed it. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, would you rather call a local, service organization, or try to find a manufacturers guide online? Speaking of:

Your camera is only as good as the manufacturer that made it.

Some items are simple to recreate. The plastic phone case you bought for $10 at the mall kiosk, is in all likelihood, just as good as the $40 one from the manufacturer. However for complicated devices, there is a reason that we pay a premium.

A security alarm, or camera system relies on hundreds of different parts to be functional and work well. You can buy a set on amazon for a heavily discounted price, however there is often a reason that quality comes with a premium. Discounted wires or weak solders, a scratched lens, or an improperly connected board can all be enough to cause you months of headache with a manufacturer that may not honor your request at all.

A local provider is responsible for the quality and workmanship, and will only deal with trusted dealers and manufacturers. More importantly, they give a level of assurance that if your purchase doesn’t work, you have someone to speak to that wants to fix your problem.

“Almost 1/3 of security and camera systems will have some form of issue within the first year of ownership.”

Is a professionally installed security system worth the cost?

While some systems come with a bit of sticker shock, over their lifetime the average security system can pay for itself in a number of ways.

Home Owners Insurance: If you look in your home owner’s insurance handbook, you will likely see that a security system will allow you to claim discounts on your insurance. These can be up to 20% of your existing rate, and can increase if you integrate flood, fire, and carbon monoxide detection.

Burglary has a cost: On top of the immediate discounts you will see in insurance, the average loss in a residential burglary is just under $2000. Depending on your location, you may be at a 15-20% risk of a break in, Annually. For businesses, this can be up to 30%. Over the course of 10 years, you may stand to lose nearly $5000 to burglary, not to mention the cost of your peace-of-mind.

Peace-of-mind: What is the price of knowing that your business and home are protected at all times? While it may not have a dollar amount, it certainly covers the monthly costs to ensure that your business and family are safe.

Find out how we can assist you in building your ideal home or business security solution, ask a question, or get a free quote by clicking below:

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