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Why Does Your Commercial Property Need Cloud Based Access Control?

Cloud-based access control systems enable remote management of an access control system. Instead of hosting the security system software and data on a server at your offices, it moves it to a third-party, off-premise data center where you can access it through the internet, using an app or web browser

The implication, and why this system has many benefits over a physical access control system is that administrators of the system can access it from a remote location any time, as long as they have internet access.

The system administrator does not have to be onsite to log in to the system, assign new permissions, add new users, or perform any action on the system. They can do all this from anywhere using a smartphone or computer.

For businesses with limited budgets, by far the biggest benefit of a cloud-hosted ACS is its relative low expense.

Yes, you still have to buy the license to use the software as you would with a physical ACS. But, with a cloud-based system, you will not need to buy all the IT equipment, especially the pricey software that an on-premise system requires, as well as the hours of IT expertise required to manage and run it.


Aside from being the best protection for cyber attacks, cloud-based systems are offering decision makers a number of other benefits.

Increased cybersecurity isn’t the only area where these cloud-based systems can improve security. The nature of these cloud-based systems allow for additional benefits including flexibility, and oversight. With more and more workers working remotely, and more control and flexibility required from anywhere in the world, the cloud is providing a perfect solution for managing bustling facilities seamlessly.

Accessibility isn’t the only benefit to facilities either. Cloud-based systems offer decision makers full flexibility in terms of how they can adapt to a building. This flexibility allows for huge scalability options, enabling a building to grow with its access control system – without presenting any additional security issues.

Effortless access control

The importance of building security has always been paramount to those involved with access control. Now, with physical security and cybersecurity both needing to be considered, it’s imperative for facilities to keep up with the IoT movement by using access control systems that can protect their facilities from multiple security threats.

The effortless nature of cloud-based systems is simplifying (but progressing) access control processes for facilities across Canada. For many, the cloud is much more than an industry trend, it’s a revolutionary stance on access control.

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